St Mary’s Greenforce Eco-Church Report

Our thanks to all who responded to the Questionnaire. All 36 confirmed they had taken steps to save or create energy and were careful in recycling or re-using what they can.

Over 80% considered the environment in their purchasing. Support for using Fairtrade food and drink, where possible, in church was over 85%: the PCC has agreed to confirm this recommendation.

88% realise that it is necessary sometimes to pay more for “green” purchase, and 75% acknowledge that the church “green” tariffs for gas and electricity are more expensive.

Support for an overseas environmental project is over 60% , with most respondents having difficulty in nominating a specific cause.

There is progress towards being able to meet the criteria necessary for an upgrade to a Silver Award.

There are signposts in the Eco-Church questions as to what should be in place for us as a church to ‘love our neighbour as ourselves’ in the context of Climate Change and loss of biodiversity.
Individually we continue to recycle and re-use, mitigate our carbon footprint by reducing car and air travel, buying locally and responsibly, using electricity rather than gas or oil where possible.

As a church community, we share these individual aims and seek to address the wider issues of love and justice in this context. This is an ongoing task.

In the meantime, keep up contributions to the Foodbank, Keep up our care for our local ‘neighbours’-, Keep up support for our Uganda link, Keep praying for right choices in the way we live.
Thank you for your support – Greenforce Team.